Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm normal, really.

I've been thinking about first impressions lately, specifically today. During this week I've managed to find some time to do some blog surfing via Blog Explosion and found some interesting blogs , however as a result, I've collected some credits and have had a lot of new visitors lately which I thought was a good thing until I looked at my last 2 posts. YOU PEOPLE MUST THING I'M A FREAK.

Let's see, between the idea of the changing the odor of people's poop and the picture of the guy in the truck with the toilet painting, you people must think that I have some sort of bathroom poop fetish. I swear that is not true. Sometimes I try to come up with some interesting strange stuff and sometimes, I come off as weird. I'M NOT WEIRD! ! ! ! Though I am a geek.

I'm not one of those sick people with a weird fetish, that you hear about or accidentally find out about from a strange friend. I'm not the person doing a web search for "Great White North Lesbians" or "Why Men like Breast milk". In fact, I'd like to know who they are and why they are visiting MY SITE. I'm going to assume that you didn't get here Googling something strange like that.

I know I tend to talk about strange things, but I think that's part of my charm, however I swear that I'm not a freak, nut job or a wacko. So feel free to drop by and I will do my best to amuse, and bring a smile to your face, but I'm not crazy, I only act that way.

My 2 bytes.

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