Thursday, May 26, 2005

I have it, the perfect invention

I may have found the million dollar idea. There is nothing worse than taking a dump and stinking up the place, it can be really embarrassing. So is farting and suddenly the whole room reeks like death. Some people have this problem and it's a real issue. So what I want to do is create a drug that changes the smell of your poop.

Imagine that with each meal you take a pill and 24 hours later when you do your thing, ahhh the lovely smell of pine, or perhaps roses. Your poop would never stink again. Wouldn't it be great? The bathroom would never have that disgusting shit smell ever again. No more can of air freshener that only masks the shit smell. The smell would be gone forever.

You meet someone on the street and suddenly FART ! ! ! and the smell of Lilacs covers the area. While the noise is a little embarrassing, but no more offensive odor and no one is disgusted.

So I was thinking of what fragrants would be used. We would need some choices to match someone's personality. I like the smell of pine, but different types of flowers would be nice as well.

So basically, my plan is to make sure that one day, no one's shit will stink, not just to snobby people.

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