Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I do enjoy the wind in my face.

I’m tired. I put in a full day’s work and its only been a half day so far; the blood suckers. I was going to write about my rage but it’s gone now. All that is left is fatigue.

What really bothers me was that on Sunday, I was bored. I ended up going out, just to enjoy the sun and the nice breeze. It turned out that it did bring peace to me and peace seems to be something that I rarely get to enjoy these days but Sunday turned out to be a good day.

Someone asked me about my opinion on Technorati so here goes. I think the idea is great and it does have great potential. It has the possibility to find literally thousands of different views on any subject, though the reasoning of that particular view may come into question, I do like the idea. I’ve messed with Technorati off and on for awhile but I finally put a link up to my 2 blogs.

Speaking of blogs, I managed to make 3 posts to by “Secret” blog, I’ll see if I can keep it up.

My time is limited and I want to feel an open breeze on my face so I must get going. I’ll try and be more productive tomorrow morning.

Oh and WELCOME BACK JAY. Her computer exploded so she was away for a little while but she’s back now.

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