Sunday, May 08, 2005

Its Audio Blog Post time.

Well as per someone's request. I've done another audioblog post. This one is a little longer actually and I go through many things. Right now I have 2 links up for a reason. The first link is to where I posted it on my web space but that space is limited and I will soon remove it. The second link is to my "OurMedia" space. There I have unlimited space and they host it for free. The problem is that it doesn't always go up right away. Therefore I have 2 links. The first link will be temporary (about a month or so) but the second one is as long as they host.

First Link (Temporary) (I recomend right clicking and "save as" and downloading it, its a 3MB MP3.

Permanent Link (Its taking some time for the host to put it up)

My 2 bytes

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