Wednesday, April 27, 2005

When did the border become so dangerous?

Last night I was reading about a group of people called Minuteman. These people take the time to patrol parts of the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico, looking for illegal immigrants, or whatever they think they should be looking for. Now I'm hearing how they plan to start patrolling the U.S./Canadian border as well. Why not dig a moat and be done with it? Right off the bat, I would like to remind people that the 9/11 terrorists did not come from Canada. They were never here and that guy who tried to cross the border in 99 was caught by customs.

Currently there is a lot of traffic between our 2 nations. Goods crossing the border as well as people and yes, people are caught trying to illegally cross the border now and then. I know some people are saying that, "well we need to catch more of them", but they fail to understand one fact. THERE ARE NOT MANY PEOPLE TRYING TO SNEAK INTO THE U.S. FROM CANADA. !!!! In fact, based what I read in newsgroups and forums, its Canada who should be watching for illegal immigrants coming from the U.S. There are a lot of unhappy people down there.

Personally, I have a HUGE problem with a bunch of vigilantes, wearing their NRA buttons on their fatigues that they bought at an army surplus store, patrolling the border in their old pickup trucks with "They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hand" bumper sticker. Then these guys take breaks at a campfire; drink beer and setting their farts on fire. All while they watch for any movement from the Canadian side of the border. A lot of moose and going to end up dead and they're better be arrested for poaching.

What would really make things worse would be these people on patrol along the St Lawrence River and then they end up pissing off a tribe of Mohawks on a reserve. When they get mad, they get extremely violent.

Honestly if the U.S. government doesn't feel that it's necessary to have that kind of vigilance with our border then why are these people doing this? Personally I feel safer here in Canada and have no intentions of sneaking across the border; especially since I'm going to need a Passport to cross the border soon. Is it because we look just like you? Are you still pissed over the war of 1812? I think someone needs a reality pill here.

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