Saturday, April 16, 2005

If I sell my soul, I can get some free crap

Let's see, I have my Safeway Club card, my Air Miles Rewards Card, my HBC Rewards card, and my Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum card. These things are taking over my damn wallet, and what the hell are they good for anyway? Right now they're just taking up space in my wallet. Oh sure, perhaps in 10 years or so, I'll be able to fly somewhere for free with my Air Miles card or maybe I'll be able to get a free toaster with my HBC card, but right now, these things are just taking up space in my wallet.

Alright, I admit the promise of free crap does call to me. I went through the HBC site and I saw some interesting items like a new 43 inch Wide Screen Plasma TV for 19 million points. Though I'm a little short on points right now, something like 18 million + so that's life I guess. Poor me, no Plasma TV for free. I'll have to buy the thing just like everyone else. However not all of these things are useless, I do have $10 credit at Shoppers Drug Mart so look out, I'm going to get me some Pepsi and Life brand chips, or some Pringles, I know someone who likes Pringles.

What really annoys the piss out of me are the programs that you have to pay to join. I have to shell out cash to get a friggin discount. Usually the two cancel each other out unless you end up buying stuff from there every damn day. While I do enjoy reading, I'm not paying $20 to get a 10% discount. It would be cheaper to not have the membership. Oh and EB Games, with their $5 off on used games but at least you get a magazine full of advertisements mailed to you. Then again, it's the ads that draw you in anyway.

Honestly, its getting to the point that I have more reward cards than anything else. More than my bank card, credit cards (only 2 actually, credit is a drug and I use it as little as possible) drivers license and other personal ID. I need a second wallet just for these things.

Oh well, perhaps one day I'll be able to use my air miles for something but until then. I'll keep hoping that I'm a little bit closer to that 19 million points for the TV.

My 2 bytes.

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