Thursday, April 28, 2005

This isn't right

Normally I'd talk about video games in my other Geek blog but when something is just wrong. I need to tell EVERYONE.

Here was have a game where you shoot innocent little Prairie Dogs at long range with a rifle, so the poor little guys don't know that its coming. THIS IS WRONG !!!! Killing cute litte critters is WRONG. Oh did I mention that this game was co created by the National Rifle Association. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Now I don't want you to think I'm one of those "Violence in Video Games is bad" type of people. Especially since I'm still playing Grand Theft Auto off and on (Picking up the prostitutes and watching the car rock is funny), but when its some innocnet little guy, I draw the line.

The only way this game would be ok, is if the little critters were also armed and could shoot back. Let's see how much fun it is for the hunter when Chip and Dale are packing an AK-74 and a Uzi.

Once I met this guy who thought killing little critters was ok. It was at some farm his dog, had cornered a squirrel up a pole. First, the white trash brother tries to shoot the little guy with a BB gun but he was so stupid (and hung over) that he wasn't hitting anything. Anyway the other ass grabbed the gun and hit it a few times, so it jumped and the dog basically mauled the little thing. I was appalled. There was no reason for this critter to die.

Now I can hear the hunters crying foul but too friggin bad. No one ate the damn thing, and killing for sport is wrong. Even in this game, its questionable. At least in Half Life 2, its them or us.

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