Monday, April 11, 2005

There's something on the Horizon

Ok first thing, this is where the quotes are from.

1. Labyrinth.
2. Trading Places
3. Predator
4. Big Trouble in Little China
5. The Truman Show
6. X-Men
7. The Matrix
8. The Day After Tomorrow
9. South Park, (the movie)
10. Toy Story.

So Trading Spaces, staring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd was the only stumper. Too bad I hadn’t watched 50 First Dates before (I watched it just after, thanks to or I would have put in, “Are you done with that. I need something to wipe my ass”. That old guy in the diner was full of zingers.

Well I managed to find a program, which will format and download my DVD’s into my PSP. I know I talked about this before but this thing is great. PSP Video 9 works wonders.

Now what is the big deal with my fascination with downloading movies? Its simple. I spend most of my day here in this ugly gray building and I don’t have time to do anything, so my PSP is my little vacation. My island of tranquility. I downloaded Collateral into it and I’ve very pleased. Now I’ll have time to watch some of the DVD’s I own. I bought Collateral when it came out and I’ve yet to watch it. The list of unwatched DVD’s is long, and goes as far back as Kill Bill Vol2.

So this little gift from Sony protects me from the misery of work, even if its just for a short time. Though there is a light on the Horizon. Specifically a head hunter agency called Horizon which caters to the oil and gas industry. I’m meeting with these people this week. Wish me luck.

Note to self, Google is also good for finding the correct spelling of a word.

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