Sunday, April 10, 2005

Movie Quotes Time, April Edition.

Well I had this problem putting these together. I had some people say it was difficult, only getting one or two and then there was Vics who flew through them like they were nothing. Well, I made a few easy ones and some hard ones.

"I wish the Goblins would take you away….. right now"

"It was the Dukes, It was the Dukes"

"Your one ugly mother fucker"

"Like I told my last wife, honey I never drive faster than I can see, besides that, its all in the reflexes"

"Oh in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight."

"What would you prefer, yellow spandex?"

"Welcome, to the real world"

"If these people go outside, they will freeze to death"

"How would you like to suck my balls"

"This isn't flying, this is falling, with style"

Well Good Luck and I'm sorry if I made it too hard for some.

My 2 bytes

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