Thursday, April 21, 2005


On Monday, I downloaded a podcast made my some former members of "The Screen Savers". It was a great show on Tech TV before Comcast bought it and butchered the channel. Anyway, it was a bunch of former cast members recording a postcast via Skype, which is a free internet phone service. This got me to thinking, I've done some audio post and some of you have as well. Well someone made a comment that the next level would be video. I thinking now that the next level is a Skypecast. So I messed around with Skype and downloaded a free recorder and I think I have everything I need in order to acomplish this. I even have a site in which to host the finished MP3, at They host for free as long as your not using copyrighted material.

Anyway, what I'm asking everyone is this. Is anyone out there interesting in trying to do a group audiopost with Skype. If your interesting, e-mail me at Again, I'll deal with the technical issues with posting. All you would need is a microphone and download Skype (which is free)

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