Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Go away Farrah

Normally I would never do the "Hollywood Reporter" thing because I feel these people are the shallowest people on the planet, but has anyone seen Farrah Fawcett lately? SHE LOOKS LIKE A CRACK WHORE. Does anyone know if she's suffering from a disease or something? That would at least explain something, though it wouldn't explain the time she showed up on Letterman drunk.

Well I caught her on Letterman again and she was plugging a new reality series. Oh God, not another one. It was original when it was the Osbournes but now, its crap. Even Sharon and Ozzy realize that it was time to end it, and that's when Farrah finally decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Now I'm just wondering how bad this show is going to be. Is this going to be another Anna Nicole Smith monstrosity or a Paris Hilton kind of crap? I think someone should tell her that her 15 minutes are OVER !!!!

Actually it's really sad at how she's trying to hold onto what little she has left. You have other former celebrities making an appearance on "The Surreal Life" and that's it. I remember the one with Charo and the one with Eric Estrada and sure it was nice to see them for a bit but after that they went on their way but someone needs to get a stick and smack Farrah's hands so she'll let go of the door frame so we can get her out of here, once and for all.

Ok this is a shallow post and it won't change the world but that's all that's coming to my mind right now.

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