Thursday, April 14, 2005

TV Yadda Crap. That's what happenes when you twist your ankle

I spent my day at home thanks to something I did to my foot. I don't know how I did it but I know I did it at work yesterday and today, I can't walk on the damn thing. I'm hobbling around my apartment and it's really sad. The worst part of this is that you really can't think of too much to blog about while you're sitting on your ass watching TV shows that you have recorded on my PVR.

You know I've grown so accustomed to my PVR that the idea of watching "Live" TV, seems crazy. I need to be able to skip commercials and pause my show whenever I damn well feel like it. The problem with it though (if you can call it that) is that sometimes you can end up with a backlog of shows that you need to watch. I have 3 weeks of "Call for Help" (A computer geek show), BUT I CAN PAUSE LIVE TV ! ! !

Now I'm reading about how I'll be able to watch TV on cell phones. Rogers and Bell (2 of the main cell phone companies in Canada) are going to offer MobilTV. Now I can watch "The Apprentice" on my cell. Just friggin great. Its bad enough that I'm watching DVD movies on my PSP but now I'll be able to watch TV on my cell phone too? I'll never get anything done now. Remember when a cell phone was for making phone calls?

Ok I'm a tech nut. I admit that. I walk around every day with my cell phone (the only reason that it's not a camera phone is because I'm waiting for my contract to end so I can get a free upgrade, and then I'll get a camera phone that will allow me to watch MobilTV), my PDA and now my PSP but I don't need to watch TV on my cell phone. There are certain things that should not be done.

Its bad enough that people are yelling into the damn things but now we need to listen to them laugh when they're watching TV, not to mention the noise from the phone. I at least put on my headphones and keep quiet as I watch whatever film I'm watching, (so far I've watched Collateral, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and a bunch of anime TV episodes, and I just downloaded Kill Bill Vol 2. Oh, and for the record, these are all from DVD's that I own).

Honestly this is just rambling because TV has been the only thing to keep me company and while Homer Simpson might think that this is enough, Its not for me. I need real people to talk to. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow I'll have something…. wait tomorrow is Photo Friday so then Its Saturday that I'll have something better to say.

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