Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Apparently Cows are sacred in other parts of the world as well.

Early Sunday morning, we went to Daylight Savings Time, and now my parents and I share the same time and there’s a difference of 2 hours between my parents and my brother and sister. Why is this, because Saskatchewan doesn’t change their clocks. I did some research to find out why they stayed with Standard Time all year and from what I hear, it’s because of the cows. Yes the COWS!!!

Here’s the deal, apparently you cannot change a cow’s milking time for some unknown reason and since there are a lot of cows in Saskatchewan, they keep the clocks on Standard Time. What I’m trying to figure out is when did cows in Saskatchewan obtained enough power to control such things. Are cows allowed to vote in Saskatchewan. Are cows part of the government, including holding seats in the Legislative Assembly in Saskat…… that place.(it will now be refereed to as there. I’m tired of misspelling the name of the province). I have this image where the Speaker calls on a M.M.P. and the answer is MOOOOO !!! Oh is it one moo for yes and two moos for no in voting a bill into law or it Yaaa and Naaa.

Anyway because of the cows, they stay in Standard Time, but I want to know is, are the cows really noticing that hour change in their milking time? Are cows in their stalls, chewing away, and suddenly they say “Hey, we don’t get milked for another hour? Are cows wearing watches? These are not Far Side cows here. These are big dumb animals with 4 stomachs that taste great cooked on an open grill. These are cows people. What different does it make? It’s not interfering with their Pilates workout. It’s not interfering with anything else. They’re cows people.

Oh well, I just glad that I don’t live in a province where farm animals get to decide government policy.

My 2 bytes.

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