Thursday, April 07, 2005

I can see my house from here

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I found this last night and I think its really cool, I got this from and selected satellite instead of map ,its on the right side of the page. Anyway, the point of the red circle is my apartment. Cool huh? Oh and that large building is the second largest mall in Western Canada, called Chinook Centre. The largest is West Edmonton Mall, which happens to be the biggest in the world but its really nice in there.

Now getting the picture was a bit of a pain since the web site wasn't being very helpful in letting me save the image. So what I had to do is, hit the "ALT" and then the "PrtScn", then open up Paint (or Photoshop if you have it) and paste the image there. Then its simply a matter of cropping away the extra stuff so all your left with is the satellite image.

Now why am I telling everyone this. Because I challenge everyone (except Vics, there were no detail images of the U.K., I checked) to do this same, and leave me a comment linking me so I can see your homes as well. Don't worry, I'm not planing on showing up with a plate of nachos. MMM nachos.

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