Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hooters Air. Yes I said Hooters Air

During yesterday's rant, I ended up putting a link to Hooters and that's when I discovered Hooters Air. Yes, Hooters has an airline. This is not a joke. This is real.

Anyway, I looked through the site and I thought, MMM it would be nice to have beer and wings as an in-flight meal. The in-flight movie would be something about NASCAR, Monster Trucks or Golf. I wonder if the plane will be divided into farting and no farting sections.

I did notice that they also offer Golf packages as well, so they do know their clients are out on a holiday when they book a flight. For some reason, I don't think they have a business class, actually its all one class, Club class. I also wonder if they have a frequent flyer program, though reading the website, I did discover that they have a promotion with the Long Bay Symphony. Buy 2 season passes to the Symphony and you get a free round trip ticket on the airline, which is a pretty good deal considering they do fly to some nice destinations, but I'm have to ask, are the people who would purchase season tickets to a Symphony, the same people who would fly Hooters Air?

I've also read that the Hooters Air counter at the Atlanta airport is located right beside the British Airways counter. Ahhh they must be so proud to have Hooters as their neighbor. I can imagine the British Airways people watching passengers with T shirts that say "Designated Drinker" and "I Brake for Tits" go to the counter right beside them.

I can see some problems though. Are the passengers going to listen to the flight attendants during the safety talk or are they just going to stare at them and hope that they hit some turbulence so they can watch them jiggle?

Ok I've been a little nasty but they seem to be doing well in the era of high fuel prices and an uncertain market so I have to give credit, where credit is deserved. At least they're not Naked Air.

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