Monday, April 04, 2005

Resorting to Yadda Yadda

Today was awful. It's starting again. They are trying to destroy my light but I will not let them. That is all I have to say about that.

I'm not getting out as much as I use to, it seems. I don't know why I haven't seen Sin City yet. I'm a former comic fan boy, who loved Frank Miller's work and he even directs in the movie. Yet I stay home and fix other people's computers for free. Actually the guy is a friend and I did it as a favor, but now's he's threatening to give me money because I've managed to dodge every attempt for him to repay me by taking me out to lunch but I fear he may give me cash. I don't mind donating my time to my friends and it was actually pretty easy.

Well I have a new hobby, its downloading movies and TV episodes into my new PSP. I get a kick out of watching a DVD on my break at work. Too bad that I can only find a 512 MB memory stick for it, at a decent price I mean. The 1 Gig ones are coming out soon (already out some places) but they want close to $200 for the damn things. Ok I really like the idea of downloading a DVD into the machine, it's a bit of a pain to do it, and I talk about it and have a link to how you can do it on my Geek Blog. It was my first post there in over a month so I was well overdue.

Oh has anyone noticed that the GMail storage space is still going up? I remember reading the Infinity +1 thing and their promise that we would never run out of space. Now I have multiple accounts (gasp) for different purposes and most of them are in no danger of being filled except for 2, I keep smut on them (yes I'm a closet pervert, I like women with no clothes on, GASP) and I was getting close to the 1 gig point (around 800MB for one account, that's a lot of smut) I wonder if I should leave it now and try to overflow one of the accounts? Who knows?

Normally I refrain from mentioning TV shows because Vics doesn't get a lot of the shows over there but I need to talk about 2 reality shows out there. First, The Amazing Race. I want Rob and Amber gone. I said it, and I mean it. Those two are scum of the earth. They couldn't even bother to slow down and check to see if Greg and Brian were ok, after they rolled their vehicle. Originally I hated the two flaming gay guys but they've shown a lot of integrity and I'm rooting for them now. Now I just hope we also get rid of the old couple, Meredith and Gretchen. Actually its just Gretchen that is driving me crazy. She's always complaining and telling the guy to slow down. YOUR IN A RACE WOMAN. The guy I know who's from South Africa laughed at the comment about getting a ticket in the bush. He assured me that the police don't ticket people out there. I hope they're gone as well, just so I don't have to hear the old lady anymore.

Oh and why is Chris still in the running on The Apprentice? That guy must know that he's on borrowed time. Last week he was swearing and threatening Alex. Well at least he stopped chewing tobacco. Personally, I think that The Donald, is going to have to call security before he fires Chris. I have this image of him pouncing across the board room table and smacking someone. I really do. That guy is wound up a little too tight.

Oh one other thing. When the heck did Carrot Top start lifting weights? I saw him on Regis and Kelly last week and his arms were HUGE ! ! ! Maybe he got tired of people beating him up and he decided to do something about it. Even I wanted to kick his ass.

Well this is enough Yadda Yadda for now, Take care and I'll try to share some true wisdom tomorrow, or maybe I'll try and figure out where the air comes from when you fart or how does the fart noise create itself.

My 2 bytes.

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