Tuesday, October 04, 2005

ZOMBIES !!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been thinking about zombies all day. I keep singing “Zombie Jesus” to Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode. Actually it was something I heard on Dawn and Drew, but nonetheless, I keep thinking about zombies.

Late last week, I started bugging people, by asking if Jesus came back from the dead, did that mean that he was a zombie. Again I’m ripping off Dawn and Drew, but it was something that I started teasing people about. Needless to say, that Jesus was not a zombie and not only because Jesus can do math (again, ripping off Dawn and Drew), but I don’t remember any part of the new testament where Jesus was walking around Israel, moaning and saying “brains, must eat brains”.

Well, since I’m a self confessed videogame junkie, I do enjoy the Resident Evil games, but, while I haven’t played 4 yet, I do like the others, which gives me a change to kill ZOMBIES. I have 1 to three and the 2 online games, and let me tell you, that when the lights are out and a zombie dog jumps through a window, you nearly crap yourself and drop your controller and then die. It’s a real piss off.

Now not everyone owns a videogame console but most people do own PC’s (if you don’t then how the hell are you reading this?). I found this simple game which allows you to kill zombies. OK it’s really crappy, but please have fun with Zombie 4 ok?

Alright perhaps, you’re into simulation type games, I can help you here as well. I present the Zombie Infection Simulation. Here you can watch as the people in your town fight the evil zombies as they attack and bite people and infect each other. You can even decide if your people can have guns or not.

Perhaps it’s just me, but this post does seem a bit weak. Then again, it might be from that strange infection I got from that person biting me …asdsfklkjhadsfhsdeww brains……..BRAIN….MMMMMM BRAINS…………………..

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