Monday, October 10, 2005

Whoops, She did it again

I spent most of Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) watching episodes of Angel and The Sopranos and the evening playing City of Heroes online, so basically you would thing….ok this guy would have nothing to write about and you would be right (except for someone me finding another player who named his superhero “Nacho Cheese”). So I’m sitting at my desk and wondering what to write about it, and now I’m convinced that even God wants my blog to succeed. I check my RSS links (don’t ask, I’m not taking Geek tonight) and I find a story on CNN about Britney Spears, EBay and a jewel incrusted bra. Sometimes, it’s just too damn easy.

Alright so now we have Little Miss White Trailer Trash selling her jewel encrusted undergarments on EBay? Is she trying to be the next Madonna or something? Can we expect to see a sex book by Britney? Was that kiss on MTV between Madonna and Britney really passing the Skank Crown from one generation to another?

Ok let’s look at some facts. Since the MTV thing, Madonna has really calmed down. She’s not causing trouble in the press and she’s even writing children’s books. This is a long cry from the Madonna who did the sex book and was saying “Fuck” over and over again on Letterman. She’s trying to be a respectable mom.

Now let’s look at Britney. She’s turned into this skanky whore who did a really slimy reality show. She’s making Christina look good now. (Then again, compared to Paris, they’re both pretty conservative). Between the albino snake thing, and making school uniforms look hot, she’s getting pretty bad. I feel bad for school administrators about that. A uniform that was suppose to make young girls look less like sex objects, now has the opposite effect.

Now let’s look at this bra now. This thing looks pretty expensive and I’m wondering who has taken credit for the creation of this thing? It sort of reminds me of the time Madonna gave Letterman her panties and she wanted him to sniff them on air. While the idea of auctioning this stuff in order to help hurricane victims seems like a noble thing, but you have to wonder, was the bra just a ploy for publicity? She has lots of cash. Couldn’t she also written a cheque and kept the bra?  I guess the chairs aren’t selling well.

While doing about 5 minutes of research I did find some other Britney items which bear honorable mention. First thing is the BRA TOAST. Yes folks the toast is back. I’m still trying to decide if I should quit my job and start selling toast on EBay The other items (and I think this is the future of EBay) is the Britney Spears Noodle Bra. Yes folks, all that time wasted as a child doing macaroni art has now paid off. You too can make a bra with pasta.

Well if you excuse me, City of Heroes awaits.

My 2 bytes.

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