Saturday, October 22, 2005

Now featuring more crap that I pulled out of my ass

I must have been tired because a nap turned into a day log sleep. I ended up sleeping fro 1:00pm to 6:00pm. Not a good thing but I guess my body needed it. Now I know what everyone is thinking. WHERE THE PODCAST? I’m doing some pre-productions stuff for it right now but I will have it recorded and up tomorrow.

Now some is probably saying….”He’s probably busy playing City of Heroes again” and that’s not true….not really. I’ve been playing the City of Villains Beta as well, but I did sleep the whole day away.

Back to the Podcast, the reason why I’m not recording it till Sunday is because I need to edit some sounds bytes from the Dawn and Drew show. Just one actually, it the greatest call in EVER and I want to share it with you. I just hope Dawn and Drew forgive me.

Orginally I wasn’t going to post today but…since I got lazy on Thursday, I decided to post something now and make this promise. FROM NOW ON, THE PHOTO FRIDAY WILL GO UP AT 12:01AM ON FRIDAY. I hope this makes everyone happy (including Jay).

I have one question that needs to be asked though. WHY HASN’T VICS STARTED HER OWN PODCAST? Using a standard microphone hooked into you PC, with the free PodProducer software and Podblaze, producing a podcast is free. Oh and if I can do it, as badly as I can, then someone with talent like Vics can do it as well.

Anyway, I know people are looking for something, so instead of a podcast, with the help of my cell phone, I’ve created my first VIDCAST. So enjoy Tales from the Great White North the Vidcast.

My 2 bytes

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