Monday, October 03, 2005

Geeks should not be allowed to name stuff

I was reading some news site and they were talking about a 10th planet and moon discovered by astronomers. Now I’ve read about the existence of this planet before but now it appears that is has a moon and they’ve officially named the planet and that moon. They named it Xena and Gabrielle. Ok they named the planet Xena awhile ago and it was possible to not make the connection between the name and the TV but to name the moon Gabrielle, that’s just too much. This is getting pathetic people.

Personally I think I could have come up with some better names for this planet and moon so I made a list of names.

Starsky and Hutch: We could appease all the fans of bad 70’s cop shows.

Letterman and Shaffer: For all the late night TV fans.

Oprah and Dr. Phil: Oprah’s ego has gotten big enough.

Stern and Quivers: For fans of morning talk radio.

Bob and Doug: For us Canadians.

Kirk and Spock: Not all the geeks are Xena fans.

Scully and Mulder: Does the planet and moon exist or is it a consparicy.

Connery and Moore: For Bond fans.

Gates and Jobs: For the IT people.

Pitts and Jolie: Aren’t they the couple to watch right now.

Ok these names suck, but then again Xena and Gabrielle are not much better. I know that it’s tradition for the people who discover these things, get to name them but come on? Get your head out of you ass buddy and come up with a real name.

My 2 bytes.

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