Monday, August 29, 2005

You will not push me around

I commented about this yesterday in my Geek Blog but I thought that this is so important that I had to comment on it here as well. There’s this woman, a mother of 5 according to P2PNet who is standing up against the goons at the RIAA. She’s telling them “NO!!! I will not be intimidated by your soulless whore lawyers who feel they have the right to shack down anyone they feel like.” Patricia Santangelo, you’re my hero.

This woman is one of countless people who have been shaken down by the RIAA in an immoral attempt to force normal people to pay thousands of dollars, just because they have an internet connection. Everyone is familiar with the scare tactics that these goons use. Their fear mongering is a source of pride for themselves and a source of disgust for the rest of us. I’m glad that someone has finally decided to stand up to this paper tiger.

Yesterday I read an interview from her attorney and how he felt that things should go well for his client. How he even expects the courts to throw the whole thing out and that the RIAA will end up paying HIS fee. The interview can be found here.

The thing that I really like is how the attorney is making everything public by posting all the court documents on a blog. So we can see how what kind of cheap stunts the RIAA will pull this time.

Alright recording industry, it’s time for you to understand that you cannot turn back time. Change is inevitable, and any industry that refuses to address changes in the marketplace is destined to become extinct. Just ask the people who made LP’s. Wait a minute, that was you. You learned that lesson once, now why haven’t you learned it again?

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