Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We are the future, not you Mr. Multinational Media Conglomerate.

I know I've been yakking about podcasts, not to mention doing my own, but there's now another way where we can seize the power and allow us to control our own works, our own creations, our own words. I've discovered the way books are going to be published in the future and the people at Simon and Shuster should be shaking in their boots right now.

There's this service called Lulu.com where anyone, and I mean ANYONE can be published. Spend a year, writing your first novel and the whores at the publishing companies won't give you the time of day? Screw them, publish it yourself with Lulu.

Now this isn't one of those vanity presses, where you have to pay X amount of dollars and then sell the books yourself. Nope, not here. Instead you upload your work and they will print your book on a “per order” basis. So you could put a link to your book on your blog, and people can own your words.

Yeah I know, but what if your not Tom Clancy or J.K. Rowlings but it doesn't matter. Everyone has to start somewhere and not only does Lulu advertise your book on their website, but they also give you the option of having your book appear on Amazon's Marketplace. THIS IS AMAZON PEOPLE. NOW YOU'RE IN THE BIG TIME. Oh? Did I mention that the author get's most of the money as opposed to the publishing company with Lulu?

Personally, I've read some really good stuff on my Favorite Blogs list. Item's so good that I feel that they should be printed and now these people can do it. SCREW YOU MR. BIG ASS PUBLISHING COMPANY!!!.

I remember once that I made a comment about how I wanted this URL added to my tombstone, so that even after I'm gone, people can discover who and what I was. Well there's another way. People could now publish their blogs. I'm actually giving this some serious thought now. Perhaps after another year, or so, I could create “Tales from the Great White North Vol. 1”. Why not? Even if only my mom and I buy the thing, I still have that option.

Oh yeah, soon you'll be able to do hard cover books and no one but you will know that it was micropublished.

My 2 bytes.

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