Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google does owns my ass

I said it before and it I’ll admit to it again. Google owns my ass. Everything from Google rocks in my opinion and now these guys have gone and taken the next step in their conquest of the internet. ALL HAIL GOOGLE.

The last time I discussed this, someone said “but Google doesn’t have Instant Messaging” well to that I say PHTTTTT. It’s official. Google Talk is OUT!!! It ties to your GMail account so it also lets you know if you have any new e-mail. Oh and if your going to whine about not having a GMail account, I’ll send you an invite ok.

Now I’ll admit that people have become accustomed to AIM or MSN. (It’s weird, in the U.S. everyone uses AIM but everywhere else, MSN is the client of choice), but I have faith in my Google. You can download Google Talk from here.

I’ve also been messing around with the new version of Google Desktop, which also has a sidebar option that shows different things like news, weather or whatever. I can see it being more customizable in the near future.

Yes so Google does indeed own my ass. The fictitious “Property of Google” tattoo on my left check continues to stand out as I continue to sell my soul to the Google army.

My 2 bytes.

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