Sunday, August 07, 2005

You will be missed Peter Jennings.

I’m sitting down here and I was browsing around, looking for something to write on and I found something that stopped me clicking in my tracks. Peter Jennings is dead. I always though that Peter was a great journalist and a fine Canadian. Yes he’s was born here.

I remember watching this segment on TV about “Successful Canadian” and they were talking to him. Talking about how he loved his work, but there was a special place in his heart for Canada.

To be honest, I’m still a little shocked by this news. No more ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. With the recent retirements of Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather, now we’ve seen a full “changing of the guards” for Network News anchors but I didn’t want it like this.

You will indeed be missed Mr. Jennings.

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