Wednesday, August 24, 2005

TAG!!! Your it

I enjoy tag boards. I know, I know. What a strange thing to say but look at my tag board for example. Right now, we’re discussing a fictional party where the police showed up, not to mention the 6 pizzas being glued to my ceiling and the presence of a goat. Oh and this started with someone mentioning a bra.

While I also enjoy Baby Sheepie’s tag board, it’s became quiet in the past 24 hours but there was talk of bisexuality. WOO HOOO. Women being bisexual. YAAAAAA. Ok I’ll behave myself, (actually guys shouldn’t be cheering this. It just creates more competition, and the women have a “home field advantage”) but the point is that tag boards can be a blog within a blog and can be as silly or as serious as you wish. Basically I want MORE TAG BOARDS people.

Ok I know that this whole thing is silly but I’m looking forward to the explanation of the goat being in my apartment.

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