Monday, August 08, 2005

Thank you Harvey, from the bottom of my heart.

Today, just before I headed to work, a courier dropped off something for me. I thought it was something from Microsoft. Some ubergeek beta software or something like that, but instead it was from Harvey. Thanks Harvey, it was really nice to receive your gift.

Now you're wondering, what the heck I am talking about. Ok here goes. Harvey was one of the owners for the company that I currently work for. Harvey is a people person who always took the time to say hello. Listen to my concerns and at the same time. I was always will and able to help him out with any small items that he needed taken care of.

Recently he choose to sell off his half of the company to his brother and do something else. I believe he decided to take the time to enjoy life. Anyway, he lives in Toronto and I only had the opportunity to see him a few times a year, as a result, I never had the opportunity to wish him well after the news of him leaving the company was made public to the employee's..

I honestly hadn't thought of him much, as I dwelled in my own issues, but then I received his gift. Now I ask,.what business owner would take the time to send a former employee (I say former because he quit), living half way across the country, a token of appreciation.

Harvey, you never cease to amaze me. You're a good man and I wish you well and thank your for thinking about me. Even now, I feel honored that you took the time to do this. You will always have my undying respect.

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