Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Dating Geek

First thing, I admit that I'm a geek. Ok, I'm an ubergeek but it doesn't mean I wear a pocket protector. It doesn't mean that I spend my Saturday nights playing Dungeons and Dragons. It's doesn't mean that I can't get a girlfriend, but there are others who might have this problem so to them I send this info.

First off, everyone else has their own online dating service (even the vain self centered bastards at so why not one for geeks. Well someone has met that need with Geek2Geek. Now Geeks can hook up and discuss which version of Linux they like best (or some other geeky stuff). There's one problem though, the male/female ratio is definitely in the female's flavor. Imagine ladies, hundred of men who have no idea how to please you are waiting for your e-mail right now.

Well let's try something else. I found this on YES PEOPLE, its Sex Tips for Geeks. ALRIGHT, someone has answered my call….I mean other geeks call. I'll give you some of the details.

MMM, women can smell fear in a geek huh? Well maybe its fear of the fact that you've been playing Battlefield 2 online for 18 hours straight and need a SHOWER !!!, or not.

Ok now don't be yourself. Strange thing to say but then again, most women don't want to hear about your feeling about Apple switching to Intel chips !!!!!!

I'm not going to go through the whole thing but I will say they also have feedback from "real girls" GASP !!!!! So there might be something to all this.

Ok sometimes it will be hit or miss, at least until you put on some deodorant and get some decent glasses or contact lenses.

One last thing, try not to be too smug when you drive off, when the woman who turned you down, sees that your driving a BMW.

My 2 bytes.

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