Wednesday, December 08, 2004

John Stewart was right about U.S. Cable news

Alright this has been pissing me off for sometime and I can't let it go. When Bush was in Ottawa, a lot of the U. S. Cable news channels were talking about Canada and some really stupid things were said.

Fox News took some really nice shots at us. Specifically this Coulter person who seems hell bent on offending everyone possible. I'm convinced that there are two of these people because NO ONE PERSON CAN BE THAT STUPID.

I specially enjoyed how, the U. S. allows us to exist here, like they have any choice. How Canada is composed of the worst of the U. S. , Fleeing Tories from the Revolutionary War, Draft Dodgers from Vietnam and so on. I also enjoyed how she spoke about the U. S. could easily invade and take us over, I mean, what is her problem; if the U. S. treats their closest ally like this, no wonder they have so many enemies around the world.

Oh and CNN wasn't much better; having that Carlson person talking about Canadians spending all their time, worrying about their dogsleds. How are we supposed to take CNN seriously when they put him up against Parish, the former Liberal MP who was kicked out of caucus because of her outrageous statement? (Yeah we have nutballs in our halls of government as well), she's an independent now.

Oh I've added links to video of these comments so that I'm not misquoting here.

QuickTime version.

Windows Media.

Article Link

Personally, I don't think that either of these news channels has much creditability left and I feel less desire to watch either of them now. I'll probably stick to watching CBC Newsworld, CTVNewsNet and some BBC World News. Ahh who am I kidding; I'll still watch CNN as well as Fox News, it's finally licensed for distribution in Canada, even though its been available on the Cable service on Parliament Hill for some time. The politicians get to watch it but we didn't. I like seeing different points of view, even if Fox News is extremely right wing. It's a different point of view and I like the see the argument from all sides, though I'm sure that that Coulter wench wouldn't know an informed opinion if it hit her on the head.

On and one other thing that has yet to be said. Canada is a separate country with its own beliefs and morals. We are not, I repeat, we are not the 51st State. We do not have to agree with the U.S. on everything. Oh and if any Americans think that we do? Then you can go fuck yourself eh!

Oh yeah, after seeing this Coulter nutjob in action, I've decided that Michael Moore isn't that bad anymore. Congrats Michael, you moved down to number 3 in my list of all time dumb fucks.

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