Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Day After

Well I hit the mall early today to see what Boxing Day sales are out there and I did hit some pay dirt. Picked up 25 blank DVD's for $15, it was a sale on 5 packs for $3 and I picked up five of them. As well I bought a couple of DVD's, I Robot for $13 and Spiderman 2 for $20. Oh and I bough a new game for my PS2. Jak III for $50. That's the thing I really wanted since I'm a huge fan of the Jak and Daxter series. It's a good game series (not to mention funny as hell).

Like most other people, I didn't post on Christmas day but for me it was a different reason. I'm trying very hard to get over this cold that has its hooks inside of me and since I had to work many hours this past week (I was out of sick days) and I needed to rest. I slept through a lot of Christmas day but my body clock was playing havoc with me. I ended up going to bed at 4: 00pm on Christmas Eve and in return, I was up at 4: 00am Christmas day. I tried and tried to fall back to sleep but it turned into my advantage since I saw a friend online and we chatted for a bit.

Yeah so basically I slept and spoke on the phone with some family and good friends yesterday. I'll try to become my normal self and start making smart ass comments and remarks soon enough but for now. Happy Boxing Day ! ! ! ! Now do I own Rocky on DVD?

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