Tuesday, December 28, 2004

BLAAAA I don't want to go to work

Well I'm going back to work tomorrow for about 2 and a half days and then I get 3 more days off. Big fat hairy deal. I need a major change in my life and I need it now. I need …. something. Getting away from work was nice but I'm not looking forward to going back. I'm not challenged by it anymore and to be honest. It bores me. So I've redoubled my efforts in finding another job. Another career. Another Life ! ! !

Right now I'm looking for work as a tech support person. I figure that it's the best way to get started in the I. T. industry. I've grown to hate programming and my web developing skills are ok, but not fantastic. I need more time to work on both. On the other hand, I'm already "Mr. Tech Support" to a lot of people so I might just as well do it as a career. So if you're an employer in the city of Calgary, send me an e-mail.

Then I gave it some thought, what else do I want to be? Well how about a professional blogger but I realized, how can I make money doing that? Sure I can put banners galore on my blog and I can add a Pay Pal donate button, but that seems so pathetic in my opinion. It's the online version of panhandling and I don't approve of that at all. Perhaps one day in the future I could find a way to Blog for fun AND profit.

I could be a newspaper columnist! Yeah, I know I can. There's this stupid twit who has a daily column in the Calgary Sun named Rick Bell. I swear, everyday his article is nothing but bullshit, its bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. I mean, I can write paragraph after paragraph of useless crap as well. Hell. I'm doing it right now and your reading it SUCKER! Actually everyone knows I can be insightful and talk about politics and current events, when I'm not talking about mannequins and "adult toys". I can do it. Someone give that dumb ass his walking papers and I'll get right to work. My first column will be an interview with the "Sunshine Girl" for that day, and the next one will be the next "Sunshine Girl" for the following day and…. . ok I'll hang around city hall to do some real news crap.

I could also be a talk show host! This is even better. I can appear on a local TV channel and interview many exciting people that come to the area (and we get a lot of them). The problem is that most of them are "working" on films at the time or are "trying to get away from it all" so I would be stuck interviewing people like, that Rick Bell jackass or the mayor. MMm maybe I can get some of the Calgary Flames on the show. Ok I'm not going to be Letterman.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I don't want to work at all. I want to enjoy life and I feel that this won't happen while I'm poor. I need to win the lottery and then I can take the time to shoot a documentary on something that interests me. Blogging perhaps, I would try to find bloggers from all over the world and interview them to find out this common bond among bloggers that makes them post their thoughts online. Now If I can get a government grant to shoot the bloody thing.

My 2 bytes.

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