Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Is it Christmas yet because I need the time off.

As you can imagine, I'm busting my ass at work this week. It seems like everyone else is off enjoying the holiday season except me. I will have to wait until after 3:00pm on the 24th to start being festive. Oh well there is nothing I can do I guess except work all the OT and enjoy that big paycheque when it comes in.

Its confession time again. I won't be spending the holidays with the family (again). They just live too far away for me to travel to, though recently my parents have moved within a day travel of Calgary but a 10 hour drive isn't an option. Well I'll call and chat with my mom and dad but I'll be fine. I'll just stay home and play Grand Theft Auto. Nothing gets me more in the Christmas spirit than stealing cars and picking up hookers *Smirk*

The good news is all the Christmas stuff is taken care of, except I still need to get a haircut, Its getting bad people. I think I lost my keys in hair last night.

My favorite radio station is playing Christmas rock again and I think "Oh Joy". They keep playing "Tears are not enough". It was put together by a group of Canadian artists to raise money for the famine in Africa. It came out in the 80's at the same time as "Do they know its Christmas Time" and "We are the World". I'm convinced that when that song was recorded, it's the only time Anne Murray, Neil Young, and Geddy Lee (FROM RUSH !!!) have ever been in the same room together.

Well this cold won't go away, I keep coughing and waking up at night to blow my nose because I can't breathe. Oh and were talking industrial snot here. I think if I were to leave the tissue in a safe place and wait a million years, a advanced civilation would evolve from my snot. Its that bad.

I'm of to work. I hope not to cough up a lung today so take care and "G'day"

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