Thursday, December 23, 2004

Cough Cough

'm sick. I'm sick. I'm sick. Did I mention that I'm sick? I have a good old fashion Canadian cold. I haven't been able to enjoy a good night's sleep for some time. It's either been a plugged nose or coughing fits. And it's frigging annoying.

I've been somewhat lax in my prevention though so it's my fault I guess. First thing; when you feel a cold coming on, you should overdose on as much Vitamin C as possible. Drink lots of Orange juice and take lots of vitamin C tabs (they're yummy anyway). Anyway, I failed to do that and now I'm coughing my ass off. Unfortunately I'm out of sick days at work and we're really busy so I'm not calling in sick.

I admit that I've only been taking "wimpy" cough medicine like some no name day time stuff but I should be drinking Buckley's cough syrup. Now this stuff tastes absolutely awful. Its like pine syrup and smells like it as well. It's really really bad, but it works and works very well. So if you have a cold and are in Canada, pick up some Buckley's but be warned. IT'S AWFUL. Oh it's available in the U. S. from Rite-Aid and Eckerds pharmacies or try to order it from your local pharmacist. I'm telling you this stuff works. I'm going to get some today. No more pissing around with this cold.

For the record, the stuff I was using before was free from work but if you need something good, then I guess I'll have to pay for it. So it's off to the drug store for some Buckley's.

Alright there are two really good cough medicines out there and the second is NyQuil. I love NyQuil but not the gel caps crap. NyQuil in liquid form is great. It works very well and it knocks you out so you do sleep. It comes with a SHOT GLASS for a reason people. Now this stuff has a couple of flavors but I recommend the GREEN DEATH FLAVOR. But don't worry; you won't have time to register the bad taste before you pass out.

Another thing about NyQuil, I usually wake up all wired up (even more than usual if you can believe it) so I'm really fun to be around while I enjoy my post NyQuil high. I guess I'll have to pick up some of that as well.

Well it's the 23rd of December and I guess that I should have something festive on my blog so here are some links.

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