Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Jibber Jabber and whatever

Ok I'm tired and overworked. Well it seems like it anyway. I'm working my ass off and it seems like I'm just spining my wheels.

My mom has been checking out my blog again. She's been looking at the old posts and she found the fast fact where I mention that she records the Shopping Channel. (Its actually called "The Shopping Channel" here, no QVC or whatever).

I need a haircut and a shave, a cup of coffee and someone to snuggle with.

I think this post is too damn small but I have to go to work. sent me a movie with the Olsen Twins. I didn't know it was them. I just heard Jack Osbourne was in it and I thought I would see if he could act. Only Eugene Levy saves this movie from becoming a total piece of crap.

Finally going to watch Monsters Inc this weekend. It came in from Zip last night.

I need a shower and I have to go to work. Please forgive me for the lame ass post. I'll think of something better to write about, and it won't be able to Hockey Strike. I promise.

My 1/2 byte (this wasn't worth 2 bytes)

(UPDATE: I switched from Outlook Express to Thunderbird 1.0 WOW!!! The ground breaking news keeps on coming)

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