Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A very confused friend asked me...

I know this person. Let’s call him…George. Now a few years ago…many years ago actually George went out with a girl named …Laura. Now George and Laura were in a relationship, and George and Laura did things that people do in relationships. Now after the relationship is over and after Laura went out with a few other men (George thinks that this is somewhat important), decided that she’s going to pitch for the other side. Now George is a nice guy and respects the rights of individuals to be gay or lesbian or whatever, as long as it consenting with both parties. So George was happy that Laura was happy when she started going out with Hillary.

So years go by, and people move on and people loose contact with each other and this is the case with George and Laura. Then all of a sudden, George gets a friends invite from someone named Larry. In this invite he mentions some stuff that reminds George of Laura. George then looks at a picture of Larry, and notices a resemblance to Laura. So George accepts the invite and Larry is now George’s friend. George then looks at Larry profile and confirms something. Apparently Laura turned in her Hoo Hoo for a Mr. Happy.

Now George tells me this as asks me one question. Does this mean that George slept with man? I don’t know what to tell him.

My 2 Bytes.

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