Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm really pissed.

Today I was going to blog about the Comic Con that I went to over the weekend. How I had a great time, but I should have known that my happiness was short lived. To quote Dennis Leary, “Happiness comes in 5 second bursts; it’s a cigarette, an orgasm, or a chocolate chip cookie. THAT’S IT”. Other than that, life sucks.

Last week I blogged about how I was getting screwed at work and now comes the “piece de la resistance”. They want to move me from the front office into the filthy, dirty, warehouse, into a small area at the BACK of the filthy, dirty warehouse. If I had known that they were going to do that to me, I would have taken the severance package. Piss off management. I mean REALLY!!! Oh and why are they doing this? Because they want to remove the cubicles in the front office to create a “training” area. BULLSHIT !!! They want to fuck me over. They want to kick me when I’m down while I ask “please sir, can I have some more”.

I’m so mad, that I can’t even look at management in the eye anymore. I can’t do it without fear of exploding. I’m that outraged. I’ve applied for a few jobs, but it’s time to go full tilt. I’m that mad, that disgusted. They give me this blaa blaa about how I’m appreciated and then they fuck me over by doing this.

Honestly, I should have expected this, because of how this place works. This morning I woke up with a sense of dread over coming into work. Now I know why. About ten minutes ago I had a discussion with the Distribution Centre Manager about my moving into the warehouse, and it took every fiber of my being to not explode and tell him to go to hell.

I feel so humiliated by this, to be downgraded by this. To be cast off like this. I should have taken the severance package, but it’s too late. I hate them. I hate them all.


P.S. Please forgive my potty mouth.

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