Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What's wrong with you !!!

It’s crap like this that really pisses me off. Now I’m a hockey fan, like many Canadians, and I’m a Flames fan like many Calgarians, and I’m into the whole Flames vs Oilers rivalry, BUT I would never ever condone beating some guy unconscious simply because he was wearing an Oilers fan and wearing an Oilers Jersey. That’s way over the line.

Now I’ve kidded with many online friends across the border about how we Canadians are a laid back people, but if you mess with our hockey team’ we’ll kick your ass, but that was just mean as a joke about how passionate we are about our teams. No one should actually hurt someone. Sure, say that they suck, but don’t actually hit them.

I took my time and read the story, and again, the guy did get a little lippy and he did have a few, but there’s no reason to beat him over it. I read that it was a bunch of early 20’s guys who came out of a Mercedes Benz, and I’ll bet any money that the car belonged to the driver’s parents. So the guy was beaten by a group of 5 spoiled rotten rich boys. Oh, they got the license plate of the car so there will be some arrests.

What I want to know is what is wrong with these people. I’ve seen many of these dumb ass groups who think that the world owes them everything because their daddies have a lot of money, and unfortunately, we have a lot of those types here. I look forward to hearing about these guys getting charged, cuffed and thrown into a jail cell.

So Mr. Oilers fan. I swear that, were not all like that. Sorry about your experience.

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