Monday, April 07, 2008

I know how to save mankind

I'm watching TV and I hear about how a province in India has a “Vasectomy for Guns” program. Here's the story, there is a province in India that has a big bandit program, and the men in the villages want to have a gun to defend themselves, so someone comes up with the idea that if you get a vasectomy, then we'll fast track your gun permit application.

Now when I first heard about this program, I thought “ARE YOU NUTS”!!!! In other parts of the world, they have this type of program to get the guns OFF the streets, not onto the street. I thought it was a dangerous idea. The idea of a bunch of guys who are now shooting blanks walking around with guns...then I saw the potential, and realized that the person who thought of this is a genius.

Now I've been going on about my “peeing in the gene pool” for sometime and how civilization is doomed, but now we have the solution, it's Vasectomy for ...Beer, Tickets to Sporting tickets..or whatever.

Now here me out. I know that this wouldn't interest normal people, but I'm interesting in targeting the people we DON'T want to breed. If they could get a free case of beer, football tickets, Nascar tickets. in exchange for having a vasectomy, there would be as many lines as in India, if not longer. They get free beer and more importantly we stop the dumbing down of society. We save the world for Idiocracy. We can save the world from the dumb people. Society doesn't have to fall.

I have hope again. I just need a few doctors and a lot of cases of beer.

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