Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Mom and Dad are here. HELP

Well my mom and dad are here. They arrived yesterday. They leave tomorrow. Part of me wishes that they would stay longer. Part of me wants them out, now.

Last night we went to The Keg for supper after they arrived and my dad was up to his usual self. I hate to admit it, but I think I get my sense of humor. My mom on the other hand is a complainer. She been complaining about things ever since she got into the city.

Oh for the record, I'm surprised that my dad is still alive after he said that he was going to ask the waitress if she could get the "senior discount". Along with "do it know you", and "what area code are you from".

So today I'm taking my mom and dad shopping (ok my mom and my dad is tagging along). At least my dad can go to the western wear store. The part I'm not looking for is that they want to go to the casino afterwards. They can spend hours and hours in there and to be honest, a casino doesn't really appeal to me. The place is usually filled with old people, people looking for the "big payoff", and tourists. Personally, I prefer to pay my $15 a month to play City of Heroes. I usually play 2 hours a day during the week and 4 hours a day on the weekend. If you do the math, I'm paying pennies an hour to play. Oh well, I'll just have to waste $20.

Oh well, they rarely visit.

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