Friday, April 11, 2008

I knew something strange was going on.

I've always found the term "feminine protection" vague. When I was younger, I thought it refered to pink uzis and pink flame throwers until I had that "special" class and went WHAT THE ... Oh and for the record, I'm glad that I had that special class because my mom and dad never told me a damn thing. So after I learned the truth, I did my best to avoid hearing about how "bloated" a female coworker felt.

Recently I'm surfing online to find a topic to bring back the glory days of my blog, and I found it. The Tampon Stun Gun Protector. Yes, it's a taser gun that is made to look like a tampon, well 2 tampons. Now this beats the leopard skinned MP3/Taser by a good mile. I want to know who thought that this was a good idea?

Now I imagine someone waving this thing around, and even before someone fires this thing, I can picture the guy going "uhhh". Then having to explain how he was zapped by a tampon. Oh in case you didn't know, a tampon is like Kryptonite to a guy. Like Superman, a man will turn green, moan and collapse, so honestly, I don't think that they had to make a stun gun look like one of those things, unless you need to defend yourself against dykes.

I do worry about one thing, what if a friend needs to borrow a tampon. ZAPPP!!!!

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