Friday, May 02, 2008

I hate them now

I know that today is suppose to be Photo Friday, but I'm still pissed off over yesterday's events and I need to show the world how I'm getting screwed over. First, here's a shot of my old workspace.

See a nice professional cubicle. Looks good doesn't it. My PC, with LCD screen, a phone and space for binders, documents or other things that I would need. Oh and room to eat my lunch.

This is where I am now, notice the lack of space? I've moved my PC over after, but let's look at what is here now. I have less than a quarter of the space. I no longer have a phone, and the desk itself is a piece of crap. Oh and notice the work environment? I'm in the BLEEPING WAREHOUSE. I'm right beside a conveyor line. THIS SERIOUSLY BLOWS.

Oh and yes, I no longer have a phone. I'm the IT person and I don't have a phone!!! As you can tell, serious planning went into this. Luckily I've been issued a work cell phone, so I send an e-mail out to everyone that they need to use the new number to contact me now. I should consider myself lucky in this point, since I was issued a cell phone.

Also I did another analysis of my new location compared to my old location, I'm almost as far away from my old location as possible. If I were 30ft farther, I'd be out of the building. On the bright side, I'm sure that I can now go days without seeing the face of the person who did this to me. The man who is responsibility for my humiliation.

Some people are telling me, that I'll get over it within a month, and they keep going on about my new title, Inventory Analyst. I'm sorry, but a title isn't going to cut it. Every day I come in and feel nothing but rage. I want to string someone up, but I need to keep my cool, until I get a new job, and then...well, I'm planing to buying a domain to tell me story.

UPDATE:Now they're taking my company cell phone away.

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