Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's done, it's offical, I've given my notice.

It’s done. It’s officially the end of an era. Mmm in 2 weeks, it will be the end of an era. I accepted the offer today, and gave my 2 weeks notice…actually 2 weeks minus 1 day, but they’re not going to complain about the one day.

They were actually pretty good about it. I told them that I was officially giving my notice and I handed over the letter. The DC manager, Pete, and I talked about why I choose to leave. He asked me if I was running away from something, or running to something. I told them that I was running to something, which is true. The new job is a great opportunity, and a big hike in pay, but I don’t want to be here anymore. In fact they also acknowledged that there isn’t much of a place for me anymore. All the big projects that I was working on are done. I’m sure that they will be some issues out here, but they will just have to go on without me.

I also took a tour of the new place today. The new job, and it’s the opposite of where I am now. Everyone has 2 LCD monitors, there’s FREE COFFEE and HOT CHOCOLATE. There’s a cafeteria in the building. Everyone is really nice. I can’t wait to start.

The thing I really like is that the new company understands that I need to complete my commitments here at (drum roll as I reveal the name of my current employer) Kohl and Frisch Ltd, and I would like to leave this company on a positive note, even though I’m not happy here. To be honest, I haven’t been happy here for quite some time.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure who to blame for me being unhappy here, but I’m sure that the source of that pain is in head office. There are a lot of unhappy people at head office. I know that for a fact and they are always happier when they start their new job. It’s strange, how everyone I know, who has ever left this company has always gone onto bigger and better things, including more money. I know that the managers haven’t had a raise in six years, and while they might be able to get away from it in Ontario, there is no way that they could do the same thing in Calgary. The job market won’t allow it, but they’re either to dense or cheap, (probably both) to understand that.

People are now coming to me to confirm the rumor of my notice, and I feel like I’m being paroled. I feel that things are going to get a lot better. They are money wise. I’m getting a huge bump in pay, a 24% increase, plus a yearly bonus based on my, and the company’s performance. I see a Plasma TV under my tree this Christmas.

I’ve also decided that get my passport as well. With my new income, I might actually have enough money to travel. Vegas seems like a good idea right now, with all the shows, like Spamalot, to see. I just wish I had someone to go with. Then again, I might have a “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” moment, or I could be the “good son” and take my mom to Vegas to see Barry Manilow, and David Copperfield. I’d just have to figure out how to explain her finding the stripper in my bed. Hopefully she knows about the “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” way of thinking.

I guess, I’m not into the company bashing thing right now, because…I’m looking forward to the future. Good things are coming my way. I just know it.

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