Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ways to amuse myself

Alright I’ve been in the warehouse for almost a week now. It still sucks, and I’m still looking for a job. The bad news is that I’m probably not in the running for the position that a recruiter called me about on Tuesday. Apparently thinking about it for 24 hours is too much time wasted. I’ll remember to jump at it quicker next time. I’m still mad about being in the warehouse, but at least I’m no longer enraged.

Again, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the warehouse now, and I’ve been observing my new surroundings, and I’ve decided that they really suck. Yes Big surprise. However I’ve been thinking of some ways to make it more interesting, so many ways that I made a list of ways to make the warehouse fun.

Build A Cardboard Canoe, but it at the beginning of the conveyor belt and “Canoe” my way through the building wear a toque and a flannel shirt while singing “la la la la la la”

Take all the Viagra (I work for a pharmaceutical wholesaler) and put them on the floor and shape them into a giant “chubby”. Take a picture and post it on the blog.

Connect a CD player to the warehouse intercom system. Play Village People music really loud and force everyone to do the YMCA dance.

Make a wall out of Styrofoam containers, and then run through it screaming “OH YEAH” like I’m the Kool Aid Pitcher guy.

Build play forts with all the cardboard boxes.

Force everyone to wear an oversized head costume like Barney the Dinosaur.

Forklift Polo.

Gorge myself in the Chocolate Bar section.

Paint the grey concrete walls purple.

Install a slip’n’slide in front the door to the front office. Call management to come into the warehouse and wait to see what happens.

Hire some babes.

Turn the place into one big ass Chucky Cheese.

We’ll I’m still stuck here but I’m trying to get out. I’m at the point where I’m willing to take a pay cut, just to get out of here. Here’s to my eventual leaving of the company.

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