Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A winging it post

I’m drawing a blank as to what to blog about today, so I’m going to wing it again. I saw Iron Man yesterday, and I loved it. I started to blog about my love of Superheroes, but that boring and disturbing. I suddenly had images of the comic book guy from the Simpsons in my head, but he had my face, and my voice suddenly had slur, like I was wearing a retainer. I know I’m a geek, but I don’t have to act like it.

Here’s the thing. Geeks can be anywhere. They can be disguised as construction workers, bad ass punks, or whatever. I remember seeing a bunch of carpenter types in the upper lobby/food court in the Petro Canada Centre, on a Saturday, playing Dungeons and Dragons. Now I haven’t played D&D for years, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I would ever get back into it. I’d like to think I’ve evolved beyond that, but who knows. Maybe one day I’ll play a pencil and paper RPG again, but I doubt it.

I’m more of a comic book geek (though I don’t read comics much these days). I have a friend who’s a major sci-fi geek. I haven’t seen the guy in years, but he’s gone to Scotland for a sci-fi convention, plays a MMO game called Eve Online, and… well let’s just say that he’s more stereotypical than me.

While I’m not a hard core geek, every once in a while, I fail in some social graces; for example, I forgot to dedicate a song to a female City of Heroes player, that I meet into the Game “Club”, a place called Pocket D. It’s a place where both heroes and villains can get together, to chat, or whatever. We (meaning a few friends, male and female) hang out there while the DJ named BLU does his show, online at www.wor-radio.com. (he’s on Mondays and Saturdays),. Our toons dance, we chat and have a really good time. Yesterday, I did a nasty opps. I forgot to request and dedicate a song to her (D’oh), after our toons (our characters), were getting flirty. After the fact, I kicked myself for it, but still. However someone else managed to dedicate a song to my toon/me. They dedicated “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen to my main toon Silent Moon. She wasn’t pleased.

Yes my main character (actually most of my characters) is female. Here’s my reasoning. If I’m going to spend hours watching the behind of my character run around the city, I might as well like what I’m staring at, and the idea of spending hours looking at some dude’s butt does not appeal to me. Oh, and yes the other toon was also female, so there was talk of “Hot Lesbo Action” in Pocket D, but we behaved ourselves. I swear.

Day to day life can be really boring, so I’m guess I’m glad to be able to live vicariously through Silent Moon every once in a while. Now this doesn’t mean that I’m having cyber lesbo sex online. It means that I’d defeating the forces of evil, which chatting with some of my online friends. Maybe it was the same when I was a teen playing D&D with my friends.

Life can suck sometimes, but spending time playing City of Heroes, socializing online, is a lot better than getting addicted to “recreational pharmaceuticals”. I used to tell that to my mom when she bitched about my comic book collection. Needless to say, that shut her up.

To most people, happiness comes in small doses. We can’t all be Paris Hilton. So I guess my few minutes come from a videogame, watching comic book movies, and reading other people’s blog.

My 2 Bytes.

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