Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I’m been getting a little jumpy when it comes to my cell phone today. Normally no one calls me during the day, but today I’m expecting a call. Actually I’m expecting a call tomorrow, but they might call today. I’d like them to call today. Please call me today.

Here’s the deal. I went through my second interview yesterday, and they’d told me that they would call by Thursday. So I’m hoping that they call me, so I can say “SCREW YOU CURRENT EMPLOYER, HERE’S MY 2 WEEKS NOTICE”. Now I’m not normally this twitchy with my cell phone, I’ve gotten 3 calls this morning and it’s starting…ARGHHH IT RANG AGAIN…. Make it 4 times, but it wasn’t them.

The first call was a wrong number. They were looking for someone named Al. I’m not Al. I don’t know who Al is. Don’t call my cell phone expecting to talk to Al. Wherever I am, Al is not there. Even if Al is there, you can’t talk to Al. Call Al on his cell phone, not mine.

The second call was from Lenscrafters. “Sir, your glasses are ready.” Fine, ok, good. I’ll just go there after work and pick them up. You offering me a job as well? No? Then I have to go. Stupid glasses. I broke the last pair, and I’m glad that I did. I’ve got back to contact lenses for the day, and wearing my backup glasses at night. Oh and no, I don’t want a prescription sunglasses, and I don’t want Oakley frames with them. I’m wearing my contacts and I’m happy; though I need to get the doctor’s note thingy to Costco, so they have my latest prescription.

The third call was from my mother. She’s complaining that the printer icon on Outlook Express is “grayed out” and need help. I love my mother, but I can’t pull a solution out of thin air. I’ll log into her PC via remote access when I get home.

Then for the final call, which happened as I started to write this post was from an agency about…wait for it…ANOTHER JOB. Now I’m thinking, YES, it’s a good thing to cover your bases. I’m still looking until I actually have a new job. I get the head hunter to send the job description to my work e-mail account, because she needs to know today if I’m interested. I look at the job description, and I’m thinking ..good…good…own your own vehicle? CRAP. I don’t own my own vehicle. SHIT SHIT SHIT. Oh well, I send an e-mail back saying that I don’t own a car. She says ok and she will keep looking.

Well I’m done and the phone hasn’t rung a fifth time…yet. Ring Ring, dammit, Call me and offer me the job.

My 2 Bytes.

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