Monday, July 31, 2006

ZOMBIES Theyre back and they're SHOPPING

ZOMBIES !!!!!!!!!! They’re back people and I’m not taking it anymore, and I’m not talking about the ones who hang out in the food court of your local mall. WAIT I AM!!!!. Some nice people asked me if I would write about their new game called Dead Rising and after looking into it I thought, ‘sure, this looks cool’. I'm impressed. Oh and yes I'm jumping the Shark here.

This game, like other cool zombie games, involves you RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE, but the big difference is, YOUR IN A MALL!!!. ZOMBIES IN A MALL!!! That's almost as cool as SNAKES ON A PLANE.

Ok I’m getting a little over excited here but I’m actually impressed with this one. Zombies in the Food Court. Zombies in The Gap, Zombies feeling melons in the supermarket. “Mmmmm Goood Melon”.

This game looks so good that I’m considering getting an Xbox 360. The graphics are great and where else can you fight zombies in a mall.

I think everyone should at least take a peek at it.

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