Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fast Facts (Part 3)

Look More Fast Facts. OOOOHHHH

51. Last night I watched Cheech and Chong: Get out of my Room

52. It’s cold and wet outside today.

53. I only have 4 hours of free space left on my 80 hour PVR.

54. I’m shopping for a good webcam to do a lame ass vidcast.

55. I love Iced Tea. MMMM MMm Good.

56. There’s someone out there who thinks The Onion is a REAL news site and not a Satire news site.

57. Today is HUMP day.

58. I always have a smile on my face when I say “Today is HUMP day”

59. Part of me is scared of being really rich because of the real chance of producing really dumb offspring. Example, PARIS HILTON.

60. Yes I’ve seen those videos.

61. I’m sure I’m forgetting to do SOMETHING I was suppose to do.

62. For 2 weeks, I sold Vacuum cleaners door to door. I will never do it AGAIN.

63. I don’t want to “Think outside the box” I want to DESTROY the box.

64. There’s a job for even the stupidest person in the world. MARKETTING.

65. I’m looking for an exercise program that involves LOTS and LOTS of Sex.

66. After I use “The Bathroom”, I have an undeniable urge so see what I “did”

67. There’s a website dedicated to Cat’s that look like Hitler.

68. Nintendo was serious when they decided to call their new game counsel the Wii (pronounced Weee)

69. A man was fined a Pig and a Buffalo for having 2 wives

70. I have 3 episodes of Stargate SG1 on my PSP

71. I don’t own any recipe books.

72. I’ve been thinking of a creating a videogame where you hunt down and destroy lawyers from the RIAA and the MPAA

73. The Internet is not a series of TUBES

74. I’ve never tripped on my own shoe laces.

75. I will never see any of those Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

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