Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fast Facts (Final Part)

This is the last session for at least 6 months.

76. Last Saturday Nelly Furtado played the Calgary Stampede and mere days later she’s on LETTERMAN.

77. Work is having their Stampede Barbecue today.

78. I can smell the burgers cooking now.

79. A friend of mine in Newfoundland just told me that she bought a house.

80. I want to be a lazy ass and not work anymore.

81. I’m looking to buy a webcam/digital camera/doohickey.

82. Microsoft word autocorrects doohickey.

83. If Bill Gates were to give me .1% of his fortune. I would still be set for life.

84. I think Bill is trying to get into Heaven by donating most of his fortune to good causes.

85. Someone should tell Bill Gates that the “Tales from the Great White North” fund is a good cause.

86. It may be time to move on “professional wise”.

87. I respect other cultures but I want my Online DVD Rental site to start adding more normal stuff. For the past 2 weeks, it’s been nothing but new releases and movies in Punjabi.

88. I don’t speak Punjabi.

89. Donnie Deutsch tore Ann Coulter a new one this week.

90. That Coulter Bitch once called for the U.S. Invasion of Canada.

91. If feels like it’s been a long week but its only Thursday and I had Monday OFF.

92. People who create blogs about fitness can KISS MY ASS.

93. I get to go home in 30 minutes.

94. The only thing I know about the World Cup was that a French guy head butted some other guy.

95. I don’t understand how the rest of the planet goes nuts over Soccer.

96. A Picture of a Pigeon on a street light is not ART.

97.  I DO enjoy Anime.

98. Word’s auto numbering system pissed me off because it seems that I’m always fighting it.

99. I need to buy more toilet paper.

100. Sometimes life doesn’t makes sense.

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