Monday, July 10, 2006

Fast Facts (Part 1)

I ripped this idea off of Hugh long ago and I haven’t done it for sometime, but since I’ll trying to ‘go back to my roots’ I’m going to bring it back. That’s right folks, this week is dedicated to FAST FACTS.

1. I have today off.

2. I seriously need to shave.

3. I never won the 6/49 Lottery last Saturday DAMMIT!!

4. I actually considered buying one of those fake…..ummm once. That thought lasted 10 seconds.

5. My dad once played Euchre with Paul Newman.

6. I seemed to be the only person in Calgary who’s excited about the movie “Snakes on a Plane

7. Snakes on a Plane will be out August 18th

8. The cool thing about have a Satellite Dish is having the ability to see crappy Canadian TV shows from all over the country. Ed the Sock is everywhere.

9. The bad thing about going ‘Satellite’ is whenever you get some serious rain, you dish goes out and its been pretty pissy the past few days.

10. I’m eating a hamburger right now. MMMM

11. I love my George Foreman Grill.

12. I’m planning to BUY Windows Vista when it comes out (and I honestly mean buy).

13. Vista will be the first version of Windows I’ve ever owned since Windows 98.

14. The best part of American Chopper is when Paul Sr. and Jr. Fight.

15 There was one fight that was so bad that both guys kicked the cameras out.

16. I think the Sony Playstation3 is too expensive and I don’t plan on buying it until the price comes down.

17. I keep hearing a old steam engine train whistle.

18. I get my laundry change from a Casino.

19.I usually break even on the slots, which is good since I know I’m not going to win the ‘Big Bucks’

20. I still don’t know why everyone loves Oprah.

21. Gates McFadden (AKA Dr. Crusher from Star Trek) is going commercials for IBM.

22. Michelle Rodriguez is so friggin HOT.

23. I don’t watch Lost (but I do plan to rent the first season on DVD soon.

24. I think banner sites are created by scumbags.

25. My first ‘toon’ in City of Heroes has reached level 50.

My 2 bytes.

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