Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Looking back.

Recently some reminded me of some things I wrote about around Christmas. Now last Christmas I was really bummed out because I was alone. No family, just me in my empty apartment. The person who reminded me was Sigil, the author, who is now working on his second book. So now I have a published author reading through my blog and the first thing I said was “please forgive the spelling mistakes”.

What I ended up doing was reading through some of my old posts. I’ve written about some strange things. I’ve written about Mott’s Clamato Juice, Gilbert Godfrey and Boxed Thoughts. I remember talking about publishing my blog with Lulu. I remember talking about the post I read from the Mommy Vet. How she had to put down a puppy that was less than a week old. How it reminded me of my own dog Charlie and when we had to put him down. (I’m starting to well up with tears again). I even found links to a really old Podcast that I did. Oh and I sound horrible.

I remember reading my old posts and I look at last week’s post about how hot it was. At first I thought, I’ve gone downhill, and then I took another look and decided. YES, THAT POST SUCKED. I remember writing about the marketing people for sex toys and the sex toys testers. How do we know if the artificial vagina feels exactly like that porn star anyway?

I also remembered how I said I wanted this URL on my tombstone when I died so people can get an idea of how I lived. I still want that to happen. Every post is a snapshot of my life; even the Photo Fridays and the Clips of the Week.  They are things that I wanted to share with the world.

As I was looking into my past, I was reminded of the rage I felt over not doing what I wanted to do. Now I look and I’ve realized that I’ve come pretty far since those posts which are less than a year old, but I still have a ways to go. At least I’m on a path now.

I remember the movie quote game, which is coming back. I remember looking at the perverted search strings that people used to get here. Stuff like ‘Cartoon boobs that may explode’.

What I remember most are the people who visited. The virtual friend who came by and stayed while other moved on. Vics, Brandie, April, Hugh, Jay and Erin to name a few. Some I still chat with via GTalk, E-mail or even phone calls.

Lastly I remember Jessica Carr; the ‘Big Ole Dead Titties’ girl from Bad Boys II. Give it time Jessica. That Skank Paris Hilton can’t be popular forever.

My 2 bytes.

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