Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My 6 Month Google Geek Talk.

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about how much I love Google. How I’ve been thinking of getting a ‘Property of Google’ stamp, tattooed to my ass. It’s been awhile and to be honest, Google has been floundering around lately. I’ve even a little disappointed with how Google caved in to demands from the Chinese government about the Chinese Google, but now Google has become a Phoenix in my mind. It’s regained its former glory with this new strategy. SUE THE BASTARDS!!!

This has to do with all the Net Neutrality crap that has been circling Washington lately. Basically, the IPSs feel that Google should be paying them for allowing Google onto their own network. Google disagrees, and rightly so. Google runs its own servers and pays for its connections already so why should it have to pay AGAIN? The answer is simple, they shouldn’t. The IPS’s (the telephone and cable companies) are just being greedy bastards.

What this means is that if I want to go to Google, but the ISP gets money from Search Engine X, and they end up sending me to Search Engine X instead for Google, or makes Google run incredibly slow. The ISP is deciding where I want to go. This supposedly already happened in the U.S. a little while ago, with people who were using Bell South as their ISP couldn’t get to My Space.

So if Google finds a ISP is doing this with, they’re going to sick the lawyers after them, something about Anti-Trust laws. Now it’s nice to see Google using lawyers for good, after all Google isn’t supposed to do evil.

Personally these guys should be worried about Google putting them out of business in a different way. There are signs that Google is planning to become a major ISP and a free one at that. They’re bought a lot of ‘dark’/unused fiber optic cable. They’ve been buying a lot of IP’s for the next generation Internet and they’re ready to start pushing out free Wi-Fi in certain cities

Now I’m not sure if this is the plan but Google could offer free wireless with Google ads, just enough for checking web pages and e-mail. If you want to use it for downloading, stuff, you would then pay Google for better bandwidth. Now I can hear some of the ISP’s screaming that it’s a two tiered internet, but when the two tiers are free and paid, it’s a big difference JACKASS.

Either way, I’m still in Google’s corner and I hope they continue on their road to success, I also hope they become an ISP here in Canada, because I’m sick of Shaw’s packet shaping.

My 2 bytes.

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